The Elegant Shower Recess for All

People say that a house reflects the personalities of the people living in it. The same can be said about a home’s bathroom. It is, therefore, necessary to beautify one’s bathroom as it is reflective of a person’s hygiene.


Nothing can make your bathroom more elegant and stylish and at the same time give you the same comfortable feel, but a neo-angle shower enclosure.Why a neo angle shower enclosure in your Simple Toilet?

The neo-angle shower enclosure is the modern approach to shower doors. Unlike the regular shower doors that ride parallel to the back of the shower, the neo-angle shower enclosure rides parallel to the corner and is meant primarily for a corner shower stall.

The neo angle shower enclosure not only brings life to an old and rusty bathroom, but it also gives a contemporary and modern style to it. As your bathroom should be decorated the same way as your house, the neo-angle shower enclosure is a perfect find as it complements both the contemporary and the modern style of a home.Framed stall or neo-angle frame less shower door?

The neo angle shower enclosure comes in different varieties and styles, such as framed and frame-less, to suit your tastes.

The framed neo angle shower enclosure has a frame around the glass that gives style and freshness to the shower enclosure. If you want to be a little daring, you should also consider using a neo-angle frame-less shower enclosure.

The neo-angle frame-less shower enclosure eliminates all the metal framing. Also, the door can be opened in and out, as opposed to a framed door that can only be opened outwards. The neo-angle frame-less shower enclosure also eliminates the type of corrosion associated with a framed shower enclosure.Will it fit in my bathroom? What about the materials of the neo angle shower?

The neo-angle shower enclosure is custom made to any dimensions, and the fixed panels ensure minimal splash and provide the attractive appearance.

The neo angle shower enclosure comes in either clear glass, frosted glass or glass with an etched design. The frosted and clear glass is the most famous for using a neo angle shower enclosure as they give more privacy while bathing.Installation of neo angle shower enclosures

The neo angle shower enclosure requires reasonable construction skill to install.

To begin, it has three main sections: the base, the neo-angle shower surround, and the glass front.

The base and the neo angle shower surround are the trickiest parts to install since you still have to dig a hole on the floor for the draining pipe. It is recommended to get the advice of a professional to help you in installing these.

If you want to save money and you have a enough good skill, there are many websites found on the Internet which will teach you how to install the neo-angle shower enclosure.The Devonshire neo angle shower enclosure

If you are considering a neo angle shower enclosure, the most recommended to use would be the Devonshire neo angle shower enclosure manufactured by Kohler. The Devonshire neo angle shower enclosure completes a fully integrated, suit-related showering solution when combined with the Devonshire receptor and shower walls.

The main features of this shower door are the soft-touch foam handle insert for added comfort, corrosion-resistant stainless steel hardware, and a full-length magnetic seal. This neo-angle shower enclosure also has different available frames and neo angle shower walls to complement your taste.

There are also available corner fiberglass showers offered by Kohler Devonshire that give you spacious bathing area. The smallest comfortable size would be the 36 neo angle shower enclosure, while desired larger sizes are always available for purchase.

If you don’t know the size or dimensions that you should use, you can always ask your local retailers or contractors to get their suggestions. Some of these shower enclosures are custom made to fit your bathroom dimensions, and the retailers can help you pick the specifics for a more comfortable neo angle shower enclosure experience.

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